Hell no! We won’t pay for expensive gas!

Except that we’ll have to pay even more to refill these vehicles we just emptied during out “protest” !

A few minutes ago, I stepped out the front door of our offices to a cacophony of truck horns blaring, as a parade of commercial vehicles flying hundreds of tiny American Flags cruised down the main road through town . Gas prices finally topped $4 per gallon here in the Northeast today (just in time for Memorial Day Weekend) and the alliance of “Truckers and Concerned Citizens” decided to protest what they see as “unreasonable gas prices”. The protest was at least 50 vehicles strong and containing everything from commercial rigs, to dump trucks, to logging trucks. It was a regular circus of noise, billboards, & fumes, and guess what? It didn’t accomplish anything. A true protest would have these trucks parked in garages somewhere, not delivering the goods we all depend on, instead of on the roads burning the gas they were protesting the price of in the first place. Gas prices have become a hot-button issue. This is the first gas protest I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, but I certainly don’t think it will be the last. Let’s make it a little less self-defeating next time, eh guys?


2 Responses to Hell no! We won’t pay for expensive gas!

  1. Gas price increase is absolutely one of the major problems for vehicle owners these days…
    A lot more protest will follow and that’s for sure…

  2. jeepworld says:

    There will be more protests, but let’s have them be effective. This whole idea was a complete oxymoron.

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