Jeep Patriot Sales Up as Jeep Overall Sales Fall

Chrysler LLC is reporting today that May 2008 sales are down over 25% compared to the same time period from last year, with Jeep Brand sales down a total of 16%. The ever popular Jeep Wrangler was down 25%, while the goliath Jeep Commander saw sales plummet with a 63% drop off from the same time period last year. The Jeep Patriot was the lone positive performer among Jeep models at an 82% increase with 8,199 units sold. With fuel prices weighing heavy in consumers minds, it’s easy to see why sales for the more fuel-efficient Patriot have have jumped way up. The Jeep Compass is showing a 13% decrease in sales from this period last year. The question we then have to ask is, if the also fuel-efficient Compass won’t sell now, when will it sell?

source Chrysler LLC


5 Responses to Jeep Patriot Sales Up as Jeep Overall Sales Fall

  1. bryanteer says:

    The Jeep Compass does have its place among the Jeep Family.

    Yes, it does have a different look than the Patriot, but the heart and soul (running gear) is the same. As with most new product it will take time to find its place with its superior craftsmanship, great 4 wheel drive, and fuel mileage.

    It is good to see the Patriot doing as well as it is.

    Jeep can’t go wrong!

  2. jeepworld says:

    Thanks for commenting Bryan! I think it’s a case of different strokes for different folks. Since the MPG are about the same, we prefer the Patriot. Some folks, I’m sure, prefer the Compass. We find the Compass Ralleye Package with the black wheels to be a cool look, though.

  3. Charles Bryson says:

    In answer to your question when will the jeep compass sell? I would have to say soon. I predict compass sales to vastly improve over the next few months. With the economy in a minor stall consumers are searching for lower cost higher mileage vehicles. In addition the compass is similar to such crossover vehicles as the Toyota matrix, Pontiac Vibe, and SX4 (a bit smaller) which have seen great sales figures since there conception. So in due time the compass will see respectable sales numbers and is a great alternative vehicle in the jeep lineup, but I must agree with Jeepworld that yes the Patriot is and will always be more appealing to Jeeps traditional customer base.

  4. […] Chrysler LLC, Jeep sales are down 40% from the same time period last year.  This is coming off the May Sales Period where sales numbers fell 25%.  Even the juggernaut of the line-up, the Jeep Wrangler had sales slip by […]

  5. Bob says:

    I have an 87 Jeep XJ and a 2001 Jeep XJ. The straight six is probably the best six cylinder engine ever made. The simplicity of the original cherokee is unmatched by any new Chrysler product; easy to work on and the parts are inexpensive. When Chrysler agreed to off the XJ for the Liberty, under the pressure of Mercedes … I laughed so hard milk shot out of my nose. I would never buy another Jeep product besides the XJ–so I guess I won’t be buying from Jeep ever again. I own a Concorde, also. High repair cost, cheap materials throughout. Honestly, the car is impossible to work on because everything is so close. If I could say one thing to the CEO of Chrysler it would be, “you’re fired.” I just bought a new pathfinder.

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