How to: Carry a Kayak or Canoe on your Jeep

As I sit here in our office, sweating my way through record breaking heat, my mind has been drifting off to thoughts of kayaking on the lake. Many of you must have been thinking the same thing lately, as you’ve been asking us a lot of questions on how to carry a kayak or canoe on your Jeeps. It’s actually easier than you might think. On any Jeep that’s not a Wrangler, you’ll require some type of cross rails and the rack to attach your boat to those cross rails.

Here’s a quick guide to what products you will need for each model Jeep Vehicle:

To carry a kayak or canoe on your Jeep Patriot, we’d recommend the Mopar Sport Utility Bars. These hardy cross rails are designed to hold more weight than your average factory bars and can easily handle your canoe or kayak. For a canoe, use the Jeep Patriot Canoe Carrier. For a kayak, use the Jeep Patriot Kayak Carrier.

Although it seems crazy, and may look a little silly on the road, we have a friend who carries his canoe on top of his Jeep Compass, while taking fishing trips up in the Adirondack Mountains, so we know it can be done. He uses the Jeep Compass Sport Utility Bars by Mopar and the Jeep Compass Canoe Carrier. For Kayaks use the Jeep Kayak Carrier. There are also suitable options available from Thule, which in some cases are more expensive, but tend to be very high quality products.

To carry your favorite vessel on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s the same old story, use a set of the Grand Cherokee Sport Utility Bars and the Grand Cherokee Kayak Rack or Canoe Rack.

If a Jeep Liberty is your vehicle of choice, get a set of the Liberty Sport Utility Bars and the Liberty Kayak or Canoe Rack by Mopar or Thule.

For carrying your Kayak or Canoe on a Jeep Commander, you’ll need the Mopar Sport Utility Bars and the Jeep Commander Kayak or Canoe Racks. Or what the heck, just stuff your kayak inside that big boy!

We’ve had a lot of interest recently on carrying your boats with your Wrangler as well. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see a solution that wasn’t completely awkward and maybe even dangerous. We know of people who take the top off and use their Jeep’s roll bars and rig up some home made straps to transport their canoes. We also know people that will stuff their kayak into the rear of their Wrangler at an disastrous angle and hope for the best. We cannot recommend either method, particularly for long trips, but if you’re like us you’ll do what it takes to get your boat on the lake or river.

UPDATE (5.15.12) – A new solution for carrying a kayak on your Jeep Wrangler!


3 Responses to How to: Carry a Kayak or Canoe on your Jeep

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  2. MH says:

    Just got a Patriot, my third Jeep. Want to cartop my canoe but can’t find a spot to tie down the front. I plan to buy the Sport Utility Bars but would like to see the front tie downs.

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