2008 Jeep Liberty Sport Utility Bars

We hope we didn’t get too many of our readers fired up about carrying a kayak on their 2008 Jeep Liberty a week or so ago. Since then it appears that the Jeep Liberty Cross Rails for the 2008 KK model are now on national backorder with no ETA. From our experience, this means there was a usage issue with the item and Chrysler has ordered a re-design (although they never actually come out and tell us this). Chrysler recently had a similar situation with the Dodge Caliber Sport Utility Bars. You’ll probably be glad to know that the rear doors of the Caliber no longer are clipping the rack and that back seat passengers are free of whacking their heads on the way in and out of the vehicle. We did think it was a little strange that one of the bars for the 2008 Liberty was longer than the other.Β  Anyone out there running into problems with this product?


3 Responses to 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport Utility Bars

  1. Minas says:

    don’t think that slow acceleration will stop the true adventurer to have this car.

  2. Huntyeraws says:

    Are these things black or silver? Also, has Mopar/Jeep redesigned this part yet? I really would like to get a set of these by the end of August.

  3. jeepworld says:

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was away on vacation. These sport utility bars are brushed aluminum which would make them a silver-ish color.


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