1947, 1949, & 1951 Jeep Willys

A friend of ours recently sent us some pictures of a snowmobile trail clearing session he and some friends held in Lake George, NY (our backyard!). This marked a very special occasion where three Jeep Willys owners were able to get off-road, one a 1947, one a 1949, and one a 1951. This is old school Jeepin’ at it’s finest. Great work guys!


4 Responses to 1947, 1949, & 1951 Jeep Willys

  1. Willys Jeep says:

    Nice Cj2a, is that the 1949? We have a 1949 CJ2A, looks just like the green jeep in your photo, we have it painted almost that exact shade of green as well.

    Do you know, are those lower headlights something that you added on or was that a factory part for this jeep?

  2. Dave Wrye says:

    The cj with the fog lights is a 1951 CJ3A, those lights are not stock and were added by me( they are still 6 volt).
    I would like to see photos of your CJ2A

    Dave Wrye

  3. Jamie Dolan says:

    I have it up north right now, I need to get some more good close up photos of it. We have kept it in nice condition. I have a few photos in my album I uploaded today:


    There are also a few of it on the from page:

    We just opened our forum on WillysJeep.com today. I will defiantly get more photos of our jeeps taken up there. We have been really busy getting the forum going.

    I see you guys sell some jeep parts and such online. You would be welcome to come join willysjeep.com and post free ads for anything you want to see.

    The site is just My dad and I, we have build the site, and my dad has been spending weeks scanning his Jeep books, literature, and ads and putting them into the photo gallery on the site. I think he has more printed stuff on Jeep than anyone else alive. (my dad is the jeep expert, I’m the one that can’t tell what is factor and what isn’t and asks the silly questions)

    We would love to have you stop by, We have a chat room running on the site, and either me or my dad try to be around as much as we can, so if you do stop by, try the chat room and see if you can catch us and we can talk Jeep. 🙂 My dad’s name is Tim Dolan.

    My dad has several other Willys and FC’s at various points in the restoration process, hard for me to keep track of exactly what he has.


    Jamie Dolan
    Neenah, WI 54956

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