Is Chrysler Kaput?

Chrysler doesn’t have a single big-selling model in its entire inventory of passenger cars. The only profitable asset the company still has is its Jeep brand (a small miracle, that, given the Patriot/Compass/Commander albatross hanging around its neck).”

The rest of the story from the American Spectator here.

Would this be good or bad for Jeep? Share you thoughts below.


4 Responses to Is Chrysler Kaput?

  1. pacer521 says:

    Well, Its always a good thing that Jeep is selling well especially during this gas crisis, but its never good that its father company is sinking. I think what Chrysler needs to do is make some fast, great performing coupes, that aren’t ridictulously priced like their Dodge Viper. They should make something similar to what ford has done with mazda and their “sort of fast” coupes. What Chrysler should stop or limit is their attempted bently or rolls royce model that isn’t selling very well in the US.
    By the way, keep up your good work, I’m a regular visitor here. I know a fair amount about cars, but I SUVs and off roaders are out of my leauge and I’m learning a lot from your site. Keep it up!

    pacer521 (

  2. jeepworld says:

    Thank you for the positive feedback!

    Although Jeep is selling better than other Chrysler models, the Commander aside, Jeep sales are way down as well. Gas prices are falling, so let’s hope this positively affects sales. I suspect the public will have to see the price of gas stay down for a period of time before they become confident again.

  3. thoughtbeans says:

    Chrysler should a fast turnaround like Nissan. Bring in a good CEO, introduce good models & trim the existing lines. Chrysler just cant depend on Jeep in the long run…

  4. […] had posted that Chrysler may be in trouble a few days ago. The Jeep Brand is very strong and still has a huge following, but will need to […]

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