Jeep News for 7/30

Jeep Still Strong As Chrysler Slumps

“At this point, it’s hard to say what positive value Chrysler has,” said Gerald Meyers, chairman of the former American Motors Corp., which owned Jeep until Chrysler snapped up AMC in the late 1980s. “But Jeep is worth a lot — it’s the sole clear-cut jewel in their crown … that can be isolated and sold as a unit, without being much concern if Chrysler survives or not.”

Full story from here.

We had posted that Chrysler may be in trouble a few days ago. The Jeep Brand is very strong and still has a huge following, but will need to evolve along with our collective driving habits. It remains to be seen if Chrysler will sell the brand to free up cash or put the hard lean on Jeep in order to survive.

Chrysler to Quit Leasing Business

“I see this as indicative of some financial difficulty … banks may not be willing to lend Chrysler money on the same favorable terms as in the past,” said Aaron Bragman, automotive research analyst at Global Insight Inc. “It’s very risky to leave the leasing business up to a third party. Some customers will go to competitors and they will lose volume.”

Customer Concerns

Chrysler Financial is ending its leasing programs, raising questions:
Q: I currently lease, will I be affected?
A: No, current lease terms are unchanged, and vehicles should be returned to dealers as normal.
Q: If I still want to lease a Chrysler vehicle, can I?
A: Yes, but you or your dealer will have to make arrangements through a third-party bank.
Q: Will my monthly payment go up on my next lease?
A: Possibly, it’s expected that third-party banks will offer competitive terms, but there may be less incentives for leasers.
Q: If I buy, will I pay more per month?
A: Chrysler says no, but you may be paying off your vehicle loan for five or six years.

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Chrysler, Jeep, & Dodge Middle East Enjoy Half Year Sales Boost

“Despite economic gloom affecting the world automotive market, Chrysler International- Regional Center Middle East is bucking the trend with 2008 half-year sales up by 31%, compared to the first six months of 2007”

Read the full story here.

These numbers may be a little deceiving as there was a lot of room for growth, but it’s good to see sales going well where the gas is still cheap!


One Response to Jeep News for 7/30

  1. Matt Keegan says:

    I hope that Chrysler LLC doesn’t sell Jeep, its strongest brand. What the company needs to do is work on more partnerships, preferably with Renault and Nissan. Selling Jeep would be like shooting themselves in the foot — ouch!

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