Jeep News for 8/28/08

August 28, 2008

Obama drives a Jeep (at least he used to!)

A Naperville, Ill., woman said she plans to sell her Jeep, which once belonged to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, after the November election. Liz Murphy, 45, said she did not discover that her 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee had previously belonged to Obama during his final years as an Illinois state senator until she went in to sign papers with dealer Paul Gossett, The Naperville (Ill.) Sun reported Wednesday.”

Full story from UPI here.

I’ll have to see what McCain drives before I decide who I’m voting for this fall…

More on the evolution of Jeep

“In the latest sign of the burial of the era of the S.U.V., Chrysler announced Wednesday that it would spend $1.8 billion to convert a Detroit automotive plant from producing traditional Jeep Grand Cherokees to making more fuel-efficient, car-based crossovers.”

From the New York Times.

We blogged a little bit about the New Grand Cherokee last week.  This will be interesting.  I hope Chrysler gets it right.

Jeep Fall Foliage Tours in Western Michigan

‘I love exploring where few others have gone. And when fall foliage is at its peak, I want total immersion in the glowing colors, not distant glimpses from a highway.
But the fact I also have no sense of direction makes me happy to be sitting in Jeep No. 11, the caboose in a line of off-road vehicles heading caravan-style into the Pere Marquette State Forest in West Michigan.

With an expert leading the way and ready to offer driving tips via radio, I’ll be off-roading with a corporate group that has come from Grand Rapids to Mears for a team-building outing by Sandy Korners Adventure Tours.”

More from way out in Western Michigan.

That sounds like fun.  What a great way to get beginners off-roading.  Off course, if I know you guys, you don’t want anyone else leading the way!

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Photo from


Featured Jeep: 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport (YJ)

August 26, 2008

From Michael in Phoenix, AZ:

“Oh yah my first jeep! Had other 4×4’s and I had to really pick my lines carefully. Wow it is such an amazing mountain goat. I’m not taking the well traveled road any more! 🙂 She’s also photogenic too.”

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New Jeep Grand Cherokee In The Works.

August 20, 2008

In some much needed good news from Detroit, it looks like Chrysler is planning a new, more fuel efficient, Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car-based, V6 model is planned for 2010 release. Rumors of a hybrid variant for 2011-12 are swirling as well.

Chrysler Plans Unibody, Fuel-Efficient Grand Cherokee

Chrysler LLC will make its next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2010 with a unibody construction and a fuel-efficient V-6 engine being developed under the code-name Phoenix, Chrysler Co-president Tom LaSorda said.

Read the full article from Automotive News here.

Is a Hybrid Grand Cherokee on the way?

Chrysler is pouring a hefty $1.8 billion into it’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit as it aims to make the Detroit factory a “hallmark facility for flexibility,” according to supplier sources contacted by Inside Line. Those sources also say that 2011-’12 Jeep Grand Cherokee will get a hybrid variant.

More from Edmunds Inside Line.

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Chrysler Announces July Jeep Sales Figures. OUCH!

August 19, 2008

The downward slide continues as Chrysler LLC announces it’s July sales figures for 2008. There was an overall -39% drop in sales of Jeep Brand Vehicles from the same period one year ago. The Jeep Patriot was the lone positive performer, up 4%. The Wrangler had a drop off of -31% with the rest of the Jeep models all falling somewhere over -40% each. The gas guzzling Commander saw sales drop -54%.

Chrysler LLC is reporting a -21% difference in sales of Jeep Brand Vehicles for 2008.

source Chrylser LLC

Featured Jeep: 2006 Wrangler Rubicon (TJ)

August 19, 2008

Sorry it’s been so long since our last post here.  We were on a much needed vacation on the beaches of southern Maine.  There were a ton of Jeeps up there!  Regardless, we’re glad to be home and back at it.  Check out this Jeep Wrangler having some fun out in Oregon.

From Bob of Florence, OR:

I like the freedom of being able to go places in my 2006 Rubicon that most people can’t.”

I sure hope you stuck the landing, Bob!

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