New Jeep Grand Cherokee In The Works.

In some much needed good news from Detroit, it looks like Chrysler is planning a new, more fuel efficient, Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car-based, V6 model is planned for 2010 release. Rumors of a hybrid variant for 2011-12 are swirling as well.

Chrysler Plans Unibody, Fuel-Efficient Grand Cherokee

Chrysler LLC will make its next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2010 with a unibody construction and a fuel-efficient V-6 engine being developed under the code-name Phoenix, Chrysler Co-president Tom LaSorda said.

Read the full article from Automotive News here.

Is a Hybrid Grand Cherokee on the way?

Chrysler is pouring a hefty $1.8 billion into it’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit as it aims to make the Detroit factory a “hallmark facility for flexibility,” according to supplier sources contacted by Inside Line. Those sources also say that 2011-’12 Jeep Grand Cherokee will get a hybrid variant.

More from Edmunds Inside Line.

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2 Responses to New Jeep Grand Cherokee In The Works.

  1. richp says:

    SO, when is one of those 50+ mpg diesels that BMW and MB makes going to get stuffed in one. You know, the ones we can’t get over here in the US.

  2. […] blogged a little bit about the New Grand Cherokee last week.  This will be interesting.  I hope Chrysler gets it […]

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