Is this the end for the Jeep Liberty?

Jeep Liberty or Dodge Nitro to be phased out, officials say.

Nameplates will be merged by 2012 model year

“Chrysler LLC officials yesterday confirmed that they will phase out either the Toledo-made Jeep Liberty or the Dodge Nitro sport utility vehicle by the 2012 model year. Steven Landry, vice president of North American sales, told industry analysts that the slow-selling Nitro and its near-twin, the Jeep Liberty, would be merged behind one nameplate within three years.

“If you put sales of Liberty and Nitro together, it’s doing what we want it to do,” Mr. Landry said while discussing the poor August sales of the two vehicles.”

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Most people are saying that the Dodge Nitro will be the one to go.  There seem to be a lot more of the Jeep Liberties on the road than the Nitro, then again we’re not out there looking for Dodges.

As Chrysler’s “Project Genesis” continues it’s cost cutting measures, expect to see either the Jeep Compass or Patriot go by the wayside as well.


One Response to Is this the end for the Jeep Liberty?

  1. Al Hecht says:

    It makes little sence to even consider discontinuing the Liberty. The one to go is obviouly the Nitro., A jeep is a jeep and a dodge is a dodge. the vehicle is a jeep and stay a jeep!!!!

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