More on the potential sale of Jeep, enter Renault.

Last week we brought you the news of a potential merge between Chrysler and GM. It now appears that certain lines may head to GM and Jeep may be bought by Renault.

“Private equity firm Cerberus is in talks to sell all or part of Chrysler’s operations to Renault and General Motors as it considers a range of deals that could break up the No. 3 US automaker, people familiar with the talks said on Thursday. A Renault spokeswoman denied the talks.

Cerberus Capital Management, Chrysler’s majority owner, is talking to GM about a transaction in which GM could buy some of Chrysler’s assets as an alternative to an outright purchase of its smaller rival, the sources said.

Renault’s interest in Chrysler range from an alliance to an acquisition of Jeep, widely considered to be Chrysler’s most valuable brand, the sources said.

Any deal with Renault to buy Jeep would put the world’s first and best-known sport-utility brand back in the hands of the French automaker that sold it to Chrysler along with American Motors in 1987.”

Check out the rest of the story from Wheels 24 here.


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