Jeep Sales for Oct. 2008. Two words: NOT GOOD.

Well, Chrysler LLC has announced their sales figures for October 2008.  Things aren’t looking very good for Jeep (or any Chrysler model) at the moment.  The Jeep Patriot is the one and only positive performer for the year, up 62% but still down -11% for 10/08 as oppossed to 10/07.  Jeep Grand Cherokee sales were down -24% in October as oppossed -37% on the year.  That may be due to both dropping gas prices and last ditch efforts to grab a lease.  Wrangler sales dropped -33%, bring their sales down -30% for the year.  The Jeep Liberty is down -40% selling 3,918 units during the time period.  The Commander improved to -48% sales difference, bringing them “up” to -54% on the year.  The ugly stepchild of the family is still the Compass.  This forgotten “Jeep” sold a measly 855 units for the October sales period for a -62% drop in vehicles moved.

These dismal totals bring Jeep sales down 105,017 units sold for a -27% drop in volume moved on the year.

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