Jeep 2008 sales figures. OUCH!

Chrysler has released their sales figures for all of 2008, as well as the particularly bleak December 2008 numbers.  Jeep sales fell -48% from December ’08 compared to the same time period in ’07.  The Compass and Commander were the real stinkers of the group with sales falling -63% & -62% respectively.   The Jeep Wrangler was the least offensive of the bunch with only -22% drop.  All other models were -48% or worse.


For all of 2008, Jeep sales dropped -30% from the previous year.  Patriot sales are up 38% for the year.  The Jeep Liberty & Wrangler were the next “best” performers with only a -27% & -29% sales difference.  Grand Cherokee sales fell -39%, while the not-so-fuel-efficient Commander saw it’s sales drop -56% on the year.


2 Responses to Jeep 2008 sales figures. OUCH!

  1. Kevin says:

    Where can I find Jeep Wranglers sales information? Specifically I’m trying to calculate the number of Jeep Wranglers sold with half doors (how many half door Jeeps are on the road these days).

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