2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Spy Pics

Leftlanenews.com has released exclusive spy pics of the new 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Chrysler may be hitting hard times, but the Michigan automaker hasn’t stop development of new products. A new Jeep Grand Cherokee is in the works, and our spy photographers have just spotted the new ‘ute for the first time while testing in the wild.

Design wise, we’ve been told by sources that have seen it sans camo that the Grand Cherokee “looks a lot like the Trailhawk concept, but with somewhat sharper lines.” We can certainly see a 7 slat grill through the camo that reminds us a lot of the Trailhawk grille. Beneath the camouflage, we think the doors have a similar stamping to the Trailhawk concept.

Click here to see the pics.


UPDATE: 2/19/09- Car & Driver reveals 2010 Jeep Cherokee Pictures!


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