Chrysler denies plans to sell Jeep brand.

Amid renewed rumors of Chrysler potentially shopping the Jeep Brand to Renault, Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda has publicly denied any possible sale.

From the Chrysler Media Site:

Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda on Wednesday strongly denied reports and rumors that the company is in discussions to sell its Jeep brand, any manufacturing plants or the tooling for an existing vehicle.

“What was reported that we’re in discussions to sell the Jeep brand is absolutely false,” Lasorda told reporters on a conference call Wednesday morning.. “We will not separate the brands from the company.”

He said that the company has said for more than a year that it will sell non-earning assets, or assets that “may be coming due.” Chrysler has had discussions about selling the tooling of previous generation vehicles, or vehicles that are discontinued. But reports that the company would sell one of its manufacturing plants are untrue, and don’t make any sense.

“If we were to sell any assets, and if you looked at the loan agreement, the loan agreement would not allow us to do that without going through the ‘car czar’,” he added.

LaSorda also addressed rumors regarding deals with specific companies, such as Magna International Inc. or the automotive partners Nissan and Renault.


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