Dharma Initiative Jeep CJ7 on Lost

Like so many TV viewers,  I have been completely sucked into ABC’s LOST.  At the end of last night’s epidsode, Sawyer AKA “Jim LeFleur” was driving around in a official Dharma Initiative Jeep CJ7.  It was a new Jeep in the context of the show, because the characters had travelled back in time.  (I know I’ve “lost” you non-viewers with that last sentence.)  It was a great looking Jeep, even with the “Dharma Blue” paint job, and it’s simple design certainly reminded me of why I love Jeeps.  I did a little further research and found a viral marketing YouTube video from May 2006 for the CJ7/Lost.  Pretty cool stuff.  Enjoy!


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One Response to Dharma Initiative Jeep CJ7 on Lost

  1. […] of episodes have really been a treat.  First Sawyer, now Jin tooling around in the bright blue Dharma Initiative CJ7 circa 1977.  Now thanks to Lostpedia, the quintessential reference for all things Lost , the […]

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