Chrysler bringing in Fiat, Alfa Romeo. Dropping several Jeep and Dodge models.

From Motor Authority:

“The Fiat-Chrysler partnership has been brewing since well before the economic meltdown and federal loan bonanza of late 2008, but it’s still taking shape as the automakers find ways to work to their mutual benefit. The combined companies’ new CEO Sergio Marchionne is set to reveal the future plans for both Fiat and Chrysler in just a week’s time but we already have much of the details on hand.

According to people briefed on the plans, Alfa Romeo is set to return as a volume player in 2012. Fiat will be here too, although the only model planned is the 500 minicar, which should in early 2011…

Don’t feel too bad Fiat isn’t coming here in full force. Chrysler will introduce several new models that rely on Fiat platforms and technology. The first of these will be a new mid-sized sedan from Chrysler based on Fiat’s C-Evo platform, followed by new hatchback and a compact Jeep. There will also be redesigned versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300 arriving as early as next year.

Several models will be dropped from Chrysler’s U.S. lineup as well. These will include a number of Dodge models, such as the Caliber, Nitro, Avenger, and several Jeep models, too, such as the Commander, Compass, and Patriot. Other vehicles getting the axe include Chrysler’s PT Cruiser and Sebring.”

Full article here.


3 Responses to Chrysler bringing in Fiat, Alfa Romeo. Dropping several Jeep and Dodge models.

  1. Patrick Hung says:

    It’s spelled: Alfa Romeo, not Alpha Romeo, please.

  2. jeepworld says:

    Thank you. I will correct that.

  3. franko says:

    Anybody konw why my kk 200b limited with tpms is losing nitrogen in the tires below -25c?

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