Featured Jeep of the Week: 2003 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)

November 10, 2009

From Robert in San Antonio, TX:

The fact that within a year and a half I have gotten the Jeep to this point. Had no prior experience wheeling yet I have managed to get fairly good at it. Also the fact that my wife and daughter love it as much as me.”

Good Stuff!  Just make sure your wife and daughter don’t end up loving it MORE than you! 😉 -JW

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Chrysler Group’s plans for Jeep through 2014

November 9, 2009

From Automotive News:

“By 2014, 12 nameplates from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram will have heavy Fiat influence. They will either be developed on Fiat Group platforms or rebadged and imported from the Fiat Group.”

Here’s what they have in store for Jeep:

Subcompact SUV: A small SUV is planned in 2013, based on the platform for the next generation Fiat Panda Cross.

Patriot: Minor exterior and interior changes are planned for 2010. Production ends in 2012.

Compass: Minor exterior and interior changes are slated for 2010. The Compass will be dropped in 2012.

Compact crossover: The unnamed crossover will be developed on a Fiat Group platform. Sales begin in 2013.

Wrangler: A new interior is scheduled for 2010. A new powertrain will be offered in 2011.

Liberty: Minor cosmetic and interior changes are planned for 2010. The redesigned Liberty debuts in 2013, based on a Fiat Group platform.

Commander: U.S. production ends late in 2010. The Commander may be assembled outside North America for export markets.

Grand Cherokee: The redesigned Grand Cherokee and next-generation Mercedes-Benz full-size SUVs are linked at the hip. Vehicle development started when Daimler owned Chrysler. Component sharing is expected to continue for several years. The redesigned Grand Cherokee debuts in May 2010.”

To see what’s in store for Chrysler & Dodge Models, read the full article here.


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