A “Jeep” with Pricing That STARTS at $80,000?

From the New York Times:

“…the CJ3B is the realized dream of Jonathan Ward, the 40-year-old owner of Icon and a transplanted New Yorker who propagates bespoke S.U.V.’s from his Los Angeles atelier. The goal of Icon, he says, is to ‘revisit vehicles from our collective past that make us smile in a modern context.’ ”

“The Icon CJ3B will start around $80,000. While that luxury-car price tag may seem high for a vehicle that lacks even a head unit for an audio system, Mr. Ward does not need a large market: only about 60 FJs have been sold so far. And in any case, the price is beside the point for the customers he envisions. These would be idealists and design purists like himself who, when making any acquisition, seek out the finest.”

All of the modern components make the Icon a more reliable, repairable vehicle than any restoration of a 50-year-old could be — and a more usable off-roader than a straight replica of the original Willys would be. Gone are trouble spots from the original design like the leaf springs (which can limit the wheel travel needed to negotiate rough terrain), a balky choke cable (electronic fuel injection assures quick starting) and weak drum brakes (there are discs at all four corners).

Still, a list of improvements does not reveal the whole story. That lies in the telling of how those bits and pieces were chosen and procured, which is a direct reflection of Mr. Ward’s character — or, some would say, his obsession for perfection in all details.”

See all the pictures and read the full article here!

File this one under “This is one of the coolest ‘Jeeps’ I’ve ever seen for a price I could never afford.”  What do you think?  – JW


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