Chrysler to Include “Easter Eggs” with New Jeeps.

September 21, 2010

Jeff Bennett of the Wall Street Journal is reporting:

“Chrysler is pulling a page from the video game industry play book by mixing a few “Easter eggs” into its new Jeep products which begin rolling into showrooms over the next few months. Executives pointed out a few of the “surprises” tucked away on some on the Jeeps during a media showing of the vehicles at the company’s headquarters Monday.

Easter eggs are undocumented features that are included in everything from video games to movies…

“They are small homages or acknowledgements to our origins – fun, unobtrusive ‘gifts’ that perhaps only owners will know about. Why? Just Jeep studio getting their fun on and being proud of their products…nothing more,” said Mark Allen, Chrysler’s head of Jeep Design.”

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Jeep Pick-Up to Arrive in 2011?

September 20, 2010

According to egmCarTech:

“Earlier this week we learned that Jeep CEO Mike Manley showed off a concept Jeep –pickup truck hybrid to dealers at Chrysler Group LLC’s 2010 Dealer Announcement Show in Orlando. According to sources that spoke with, the Jeep pickup concept has been given the thumbs up for production.

Insiders say that the production version of the Jeep pickup will debut sometime in the third quarter of 2011 badged as a 2012 model. The model is reported to be based on the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited platform but will have a two-door regular cab layout for extra space behind the front seats for storage.”

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