How to: carry a Kayak on your 4-door Jeep Wrangler JK.

April 6, 2011

Now that Spring has officially sprung in NY, it’s time to get out in my new kayak. I also happen to drive a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a Hard Top and don’t live right on a body of water, which means I’ll need to find a way to carry my new kayak on my Jeep. There are a few standard questions involved with outfitting your Jeep JK with a Kayak Carrier. If you have an original equipment hard top, it will come with rain gutters (the small lip over both doors), but no built in roof rack or cross rails.

Step #1: Footers (the piece that attaches directly to the hard top. In this case to the rain gutters) and Cross Rails. The Thule 300 + 58″ Load Bars are the best option for a 4-Door JK with a hardtop. This base rack set-up will be what you attach your kayak carrier to.

Thule 300 Footer Pack & 58" Load Bars

Step #2: The Kayak Carrier.  We recommend one of the following Jeep Wrangler Kayak Racks depending on what type of kayak you own and your own personal preference. The Hull-A-Port 835XTR features a J-Cradle with a wide mouth to hold your kayak at an angle on your roof. Thule’s Glide and Set 883 is perfect for longer, wider kayaks with large, wide, adjustable saddles. The 830 Stacker will hold your kayak on it’s side and folds flat when not in use.

Thule Hull-A-Port 835XTR Kayak Carrier

Step #3: Load Straps. It’s also a good idea to use straps or ropes attached from the front and rear of your kayak to your front and rear bumper for extra stability.

Thule Load Straps

Step #4: Get out there and have fun!


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