Your Holiday Jeep Gift Guide for 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Has the Jeeper in your life been naughty or nice? Actually we don’t care, we think you should buy them some cool Jeep Gifts regardless! Here’s some of our old favorites and new additions:



At we carry a full selection of Jeep Grab Handles, with this EK version being our favorite. Made from a tough, nylon material and featuring a rubber grip that’s perfect for those “oh **** !” moments or when getting in our out of your Jeep. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these bad boys make a great stocking stuffer!



The Jeep Lifestyle embodies a “go anywhere and have fun” attitude. So when we saw this “go anywhere” camping hammock by Trek Light, we knew this product would be the prefect fit. Simply loop the rope kit around say, your Jeep’s Roll Bar and place the other end around a tree and you’ve got an instant spot for maximum relaxation. Perfect for those Jeepers who love the outdoors.

Jeep Coolers by Tuff Tote


Ever get thirsty while out on the trail or campsite? This handy cooler attaches to your Jeep Wrangler’s Roll Bars to keep your drinks and/or lunch safe and cold while you do your thing. This is a brand new product, so be sure that you’re the first Jeeper on your block (or in your club) to roll while this awesome cooler! (available in black or camo)



We here at predict that a lot of Dads out there will be opening presents of Jeep Socks this Holiday Season. Bundled in packages of 3 and available in 5 different styles, these high quality socks make a way better gift than plain old white gym socks! Hook your old man up!

We’ve also got our regular and huge selection of Jeep Clothing , including the ever popular Jeep Hat, and if you have an extra minute, be sure and check out our ideas for Jeep Gifts .

From all of us  to all of you, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

-The Crew


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