2015 Moab Easter Safari Concept Vehicle Sneak Peak!

March 12, 2015

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The 49th annual Jeep Easter Safari will take place this year from 3/28-4/5. Chrysler and the Jeep brand have created a total of 7 new concept vehicles for this year’s event. All Jeep concept feature vehicles feature Jeep accessories and performance parts from Mopar. Jeep was nice enough to share a couple of quick teaser images from the vehicles. The Red Rock Responder Jeep Wrangler can be seen above. And the Jeep Chief sneak peek is in the picture below. We’ll have to use our imaginations until next week when Chrysler releases the official pictures of all 7 vehicles.

Jeep® Chief, 2015 Concept Vehicle


The Best Jeep Bike Rack for Your Jeep

April 16, 2014

Even though it snowed here last night, Spring is in the air in upstate, NY. That means it’s bicycle/ family vacation season, and when space inside your Jeep is at premium, you’ll need a great rack solution for carrying your bike on your Jeep.

Let’s start with the most iconic model in the Jeep lineup, the Jeep Wrangler. Assuming you still have a spare tire on the back (99.9% of you will), a great way to go is the Thule Spare Me. Attaching directly to your Wrangler’s spare tire, the Spare Me 963PRO is our most popular Jeep Bike Rack. It holds up to two bikes, yet remains a lightweight and dependable option and has been updated to fit stock and even over-sized spare tires. This rack’s arms also fold down when not carrying bikes, so as not to stick out unnecessarily. This is also a great solution for the older Jeep Liberty or any other vehicle with a spare tire.


Any Jeep that has a hitch receiver can have a Jeep Bike Rack attached to said hitch. We carry both the Thule Parkway which is an affordable hitch-mount bicycle rack and the new Thule Vertex, which is a higher-end model that folds away from your Jeep to allowing your tailgate to open.  Both will work for either the standard 2 inch or 1.25 inch receiver. One end attaches to the hitch, the other holds the bike/s.  In the case that your vehicle has a spare tire, a hitch extender can be used but is not an ideal option.



Our last favorite option for a Jeep Bike Rack is a trunk-mount rack option. In our opinion, this is a great rack option for smaller Jeep vehicles like the Liberty, Patriot, Compass, and all-new Jeep Cherokee. Using 4 arms and a series of straps, the Thule Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack is great for carrying 2 or 3 bikes on the rear of your Jeep. Making for a affordable option for short trips and quick use, this is just one more option for carrying your bicycle.

No matter what option you choose, be sure that we have a solution for you available. Have questions? Feel free to call one of our bike rack experts at (800)511-8645 and we will be happy to help you out the best we can.

JeepWorld.com has been your online source for Jeep Accessories since 1996.


Jeep Wrangler Replacement Windows

March 27, 2014

About 10-12 years ago my cousin packed up his Jeep Wrangler and moved from the country to the “big” city of Boston, MA. Within a couple of weeks, some hooligans in downtown Beantown had sliced open one of his soft top windows and stolen his GPS, satellite radio (keep in mind this was back when they were all separate units), and his cell phone which he had naively left out in plain view on the front seat. They also removed his spare tire and wheel from his Wrangler and taken off with that too. When he woke up the next morning he was rightfully upset, even though someone had been nice enough to leave him a handwritten note telling him they could get him a new spare if he wanted one. Wicked awesome.

Why am I telling you this story? Well for starters, don’t be dumb like my cousin. Two, this happens a lot. People may slice your soft top windows, they may get destroyed on a trail, or wear out over time. I even spoke to someone recently who just left hers open for the Winter, it froze, and cracked.  Here’s the kicker, you walk into a dealer and ask for one single window? That’ll be (at least) $300 for a new one. At JeepWorld, we can offer a couple of options that make a little more economic sense. A lot of dealers won’t offer you this, but Mopar makes a kit that includes 3 Jeep Wrangler replacement soft top windows for about the same price as the single window would cost you. Each kit includes both rear quarter windows and a rear window made to color match your factory soft top. Another great option that works out to be a deal is replacing the entire soft top fabric with a replacement soft top fabric kit by Rugged Ridge. For just a little more than the price of a single window, you get an entire soft top fabric replacement that installs over existing soft top factory frame. (See instructions: http://www.jeepworld.com/accessories/instructions/omixada/13730_35_ifu.pdf ).

What about that spare tire problem? That was an easy one that could have been prevented with a set of Jeep Wrangler Wheel Locks. A single locking lugnut and a little common sense will save you a lot of headaches. Here’s hoping my cousin is a little more street smart these days.

Jeep Floor Mats

January 10, 2014
Jeep Floor Mats

A look at my own Jeep Floor Mats as of this morning. Better to have snow & mud in your mats rather than ground into your carpet.

Winter weather is in full swing across much of the US! Now is the time to make sure the interior of your Jeep is protected from the elements with a set of Jeep Floor Mats. If you live in a place that gets cruddy weather, like me, then it’s a good idea to get a rugged set of all-weather Floor Mats for your Jeep as soon as possible. Why do you need a set of Jeep Floor Mats? The answer is simple. Bad weather, outdoors/active lifestyles, or families on the go can use these mats as a layer of protection to your interior and extend the life of your Jeep. Get enough mud, slush, water or snow on your vehicle’s floor and you’re headed for a world of bad smells and carpet stains. The same goes for those of us who drive with kids, but add in some sour milk and ground up snacks for good measure. Yuck. even commuters who like to drink coffee or snack behind the wheel. A good set of Jeep Floor Mats will catch your spilled coffee or dropped food bits. Floor Mats also add a layer between your feet and the Jeep’s floor, making those worn spots on a floor mat instead of permanently wearing out your floors with your boot heels.


Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats / Jeep Grand Cherokee Floor Mats / Jeep Cherokee Floor Mats (including the all new 2014!) / Jeep Patriot Floor Mats / Jeep Compass Floor Mats / Jeep Commander Floor Mats / Jeep Liberty Floor Mats

Who needs a set of Jeep Floor Mats?

–          Jeepers who love to take their Jeep out on trails

–          Jeep Drivers who tear it up in the mud

–          Folks who live in places with bad or varying weather (heavy rain, snow, sleet, etc.)

–          People who live and drive where the seasons change (Spring Mud, snow, etc.)

–          Those who drive their Jeeps to job or construction sites (dust, dirt, cement, etc.)

–          Commuters who eat or drink in their Jeep (spilled coffee, fast food, etc.)

–          Families with kids (think sticky juice and snacks ground into the carpet)

–          Pet Owners who like to bring their pets along in their Jeeps (paw prints, hair, etc.)

–          YOU!

JeepWorld.com is an online retailer of Jeep Accessories, Parts, & Merchandise; your online Jeep experts since 1996. (Use coupon code “JW2014” for 10% off purchases over $100)

We also offer a full lineup of Dodge Ram Floor Mats !

2014 Jeep Cherokee Floor Mats

December 20, 2013

Got your hands on the brand new 2014 Jeep Cherokee? As we head into Winter, make sure your vehicle’s brand new interior stays protected with a set of Jeep Cherokee Floor Mats. At JeepWorld, we work hard to bring you the best products for your vehicle. With that in mind, we have two brands of floor mats that will work very well for your Cherokee depending on what you are looking for. Image 

The brand new Cherokee Floor Mats from Mopar are specifically designed to match your Jeep’s contours to maximize coverage. Each set includes two front and two rear floor mats all featuring a raised lip and molded honeycomb pattern. Black is the only color option currently available for this design, but we here a tan set is in the works.


Another option for the 2014 Cherokee is a set of all-new Weathertech Floor Liners. We’re Jeep People, so it may sound weird to say, but these are the “Cadillac” of floor mats. Each fit is laser-measured ensuring maximum coverage for your Jeep’s Floor. Each kit comes as a set of two front mats or a one-piece rear (sold separately) and are available in black, tan, or gray.

Be careful when ordering for your 2014 Jeep Cherokee as it may be easy to mix your Jeep up with either the older style Jeep Cherokee XJ or the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Floor Mats for these Jeeps will not work with your 2014 Jeep Cherokee. It may sound silly, but ordering for the wrong model year is easy to do for someone without experience.

Jeep Gifts for every “type” of Jeeper

December 11, 2013

Looking to buy that favorite Jeeper in your life a holiday Jeep Gift? Are they a brand new Jeep owner? A total gear head? Someone who uses their Jeep as a “mall crawler”? Although Jeepers are often tough to buy for, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you fin the perfect Jeep Gift. Our JeepWorld Gift Guide will help make your holiday shopping experience a little bit easier.

The New Jeep Owner

Buying for a brand new Jeep Owner? These folks typically need the basics when it comes to their Jeeps, think a set of Jeep Floor Mats to help them preserve the “newness” of their interior or a a Jeep Tire Cover to cover up their brand new spare. These two options make great gifts for any Jeeper, but are especially timely for someone who has a brand new Jeep.

The Jeep Girl

Women who drive Jeeps are awesome. Give them a gift that combines the best of both their worlds. A set of Jeep Grab Handles with Pink Flowers perhaps? Although we know plenty of Jeep Chicks who would dig the skulls too. Or maybe the Life is Good Daisy Tire Cover? We also carry a nice Pink Jeep Tee Shirt, a ladies Jeep Cap, and the ever popular women’s military style Jeep Hat.  All are great women’s Jeep Gift options.

The Hard Core Off-Roader

These guys are often the hardest to buy for, since they love the high ticket items like bumpers and rock rails. There are some great smaller gift for the Jeeper that would rather take their Jeep on the trail than the highway. A Jeep recovery kit makes a great gift. Kits include everything necessary to help someone get their Jeep out of hairy situations, including D-Rings & Recovery straps. Another awesomely affordable gift is a Jeep Mesh Top. These are designed to shield driver & passenger from the suns rays while off-roading.

The Outdoors Enthusiast

Do you know someone who uses their Jeep as their link to the outdoors? We have some ideas for you! The Jeep Seat Towel is a great way to keep your seats dry after a dunk in the lake or a trip to the beach. The Trek Light Double Hammock is another great gift option. This easy to use hammock can tie up easily between your Jeep’s roll bar and a tree or even between two Jeeps allowing for a nap on the trail or campsite. 

Still looking for ideas? Be sure and check out our Jeep Gift Guide, which includes a great section of Jeep Stocking Stuffers as well. Also, be sure to use coupon code “JWFANS” for 10% off all orders over $100.

From all of us at JeepWorld, we wish you a happy & healthy holiday season!


2014 Jeep Cherokee Commercial, “Built Free”

November 13, 2013

Here’s the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Commercial, “Built Free”. I’m not sure about the Cherokee itself, but I enjoyed the commercial. What do you think?

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