The Best Jeep Bike Rack for Your Jeep

April 16, 2014

Even though it snowed here last night, Spring is in the air in upstate, NY. That means it’s bicycle/ family vacation season, and when space inside your Jeep is at premium, you’ll need a great rack solution for carrying your bike on your Jeep.

Let’s start with the most iconic model in the Jeep lineup, the Jeep Wrangler. Assuming you still have a spare tire on the back (99.9% of you will), a great way to go is the Thule Spare Me. Attaching directly to your Wrangler’s spare tire, the Spare Me 963PRO is our most popular Jeep Bike Rack. It holds up to two bikes, yet remains a lightweight and dependable option and has been updated to fit stock and even over-sized spare tires. This rack’s arms also fold down when not carrying bikes, so as not to stick out unnecessarily. This is also a great solution for the older Jeep Liberty or any other vehicle with a spare tire.


Any Jeep that has a hitch receiver can have a Jeep Bike Rack attached to said hitch. We carry both the Thule Parkway which is an affordable hitch-mount bicycle rack and the new Thule Vertex, which is a higher-end model that folds away from your Jeep to allowing your tailgate to open.  Both will work for either the standard 2 inch or 1.25 inch receiver. One end attaches to the hitch, the other holds the bike/s.  In the case that your vehicle has a spare tire, a hitch extender can be used but is not an ideal option.



Our last favorite option for a Jeep Bike Rack is a trunk-mount rack option. In our opinion, this is a great rack option for smaller Jeep vehicles like the Liberty, Patriot, Compass, and all-new Jeep Cherokee. Using 4 arms and a series of straps, the Thule Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack is great for carrying 2 or 3 bikes on the rear of your Jeep. Making for a affordable option for short trips and quick use, this is just one more option for carrying your bicycle.

No matter what option you choose, be sure that we have a solution for you available. Have questions? Feel free to call one of our bike rack experts at (800)511-8645 and we will be happy to help you out the best we can. has been your online source for Jeep Accessories since 1996.



Featured Jeep: 2004 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)

July 19, 2010

From Karen in Parts Unknown:

“This is my 04 Jeep Wrangler, I love this jeep! Its so much fun, in the sun, in the rain, or the mud, it goes where ever I want. Can’t wait for summer so I can go topless!”

This entry brought to you by; your online source for Jeep Parts and Accessories!  From Jeep Floor Mats to Jeep Tire Covers, we’ve got what your Jeep needs!  We also carry a huge line-up of Thule Racks to help you carry skis, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, bikes, and luggage carriers for your Jeeps!

10 Must Have Jeep Accessories for Summer.

May 28, 2008

A beautiful Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the start of Summer with our Jeeps. The sun was shining, tops were down, and the open road was prime for the taking. Here is a Top 10 list of Must Have Accessories for Jeep owners and their Jeeps during Summer:

10. This Jeep Tent is a perfect compliment to the freedom afforded by your Jeep. It attaches to any Jeep vehicle with a lift gate to create extra storage space and can even be rigged up to work on a Wrangler. With more people vacationing closer to home for less money (ie, camping), this tent is a perfect set-up for summer fun.

9. We noticed more vehicles on the road with kayaks and canoes on the roof this summer. These vessels are a heck of a lot cheaper to maintain than motorboats along with the added benefit of a great workout while having fun. Well what are you waiting for? Go buy a kayak now and be sure to purchase a Jeep Kayak or Canoe Rack to carry your new toy to the lake or river! Options are available from Mopar or Thule. These products will work with any Jeep model assuming you’ve got some type of t-slot compatible cross rails or sport utility bars to attach the rack to.

8. If motorboats or jet-skis are your thing, get your Jeep ready to tow them to the lake with the Jeep Trailer Hitch .

7. When bouncing along off-road you’ll want to give your passengers a fighting chance. Hook your Jeep Wrangler up with Jeep Grab Handles and give them a little grip to hold on to. Available for your roll bars and the rear of your front seats.

6. After a long winter and spring of tracking in slush and mud, this time of year is perfect to replace your Jeep Carpet Mats . These are made by Mopar to specifically match your Jeep’s interior color.

5. Nothing is worse than carrying your bike inside your car. This particular endeavor is made more difficult when driving a Jeep with less interior cargo room, such as the Wrangler or the Compass. The Jeep Bicycle Carrier by Mopar is designed to make lugging your bike less painful and to insure that it will arrive to it’s destination safely. It is available in spare tire mount for the Wrangler , spare tire or roof mount for the Liberty, & roof mount for the Grand Cherokee, Commander, and Compass, as well as a Hitch Mount version for the Jeep Patriot.

4. It’s summer and your hard-top MUST come off. Your Jeep was made to be driven topless and now is the time to do it. What to do with that unwieldy hard-top? Why not stow it on a Jeep Hard Top Storage Dolly? This product allows easy movement of the hardtop with the best use of available space.

3. Another Jeep Wrangler Accessory and overall Summer must have is the Cloverpatch Window Roll. This clever product allows for easy storage of the soft top windows while out on the road or trail. it protects your windows from dents, scratches, and tears while allowing you to bring them with you on the trail or road. If you run into a stretch of bad weather, just bust out the windows and you’re good to go.

2. Summer is the perfect time of year to get your Jeep out, cleaned up, and on the road or trail. Set your Jeep apart from the pack with a Jeep Tire Cover. Everything from Smiley Faces, to American Flags, to Jeep or Life is Good Logos are available.

1. Our favorite summer Jeep Accessory is the Jeep Bikini Top. Available for TJ and JK models (1997-up), this product allows you to stay cool and in the shade with the ease of removing the top if you are feeling the need to get a tan.

If you have any technical questions or advice, please leave a comment and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you. Now get out there and have fun!

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