Life is Good Jeep Tire Covers. All-new designs!

October 24, 2014

Not All Who Wander are lost – Life is Good Tire Cover

Life is Good Tire Covers have always been among our best sellers. After years of selling 3 distinct designs, LIG has decided to expand your options for spreading positive vibes, with an edge for cool design. We are pleased to offer two all-new Jeep Tire Covers by Life is Good. Both covers are made of black, weather-proof vinyl and feature a soft interior and elastic corded edge to hold them in place securely. One features the saying “Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Life is Good” while the other features the phrase “Enjoy the Ride – Life is Good”. Both are great mottoes for the Jeep Lifestyle. Get yours today at!

Enjoy the Ride- Life is Good Tire Cover


July 2013 Photo Contest Winner!

August 14, 2013

July 2013 Photo Contest Winner!

From Mark in San Antonio, TX: “Is this upper level parking?”

Nicely done, Mark! There were a lot of great entries and some tough competition! -JW

If you’d like to enter our August 2013 Jeep Photo Contest Click Here!

Tips for Holiday Travel in your Jeep

May 20, 2013

If you’re like a lot of Jeepers out there, you’ll be embarking on a Summer Road Trip sometime in the very near future. If you’re a Jeeper like ME, then you’ll also be headed to a Summer Fun destination with a Jeep full of kids, dogs, and gear. Here are some some of our favorite tips for making those Jeep road trips as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

1. Give you and your family as much interior space inside your Jeep as possible.

In other words, don’t pile up so much stuff that it’s blocking the view from your rear view mirror or falling over onto your passengers every time you turn a corner or hit the brakes. Use a soft luggage carrier to haul some extra “stuff” on the roof of your Jeep. A hitch-mounted cargo rack is another great way to your gear to your destination (instead of inside your vehicle). Bringing bikes? The Thule Spare Me Jeep Bike Rack is a great option for carrying your bicycle/s on the spare tire of your Jeep.

2. Keep your interiors protected and easy to clean.

The mess that a road trip with family, kids, and/or pets often makes off-roading in deep mud or fording streams, rocks, and logs look like a cake walk. Have you ever tried to get smashed cheerios, dog hair, or the smell of old milk out of your Jeep’s interior carpets? Ugh. Make sure you floors are protected to minimize the damage with a set of all-weather Jeep Floor Mats. Throw in a cargo tray for the trunk area of your Jeep and you’ll at least have a fighting chance against dog slobber, melted ice cream cones, spilled coffee, and the like. We know it’s a Jeep and that Jeeps are meant to get dirty, but a little investment now will save you a lot of aggravation after you get home.

3. Keep your pets comfortable and safe.

Travel can be extremely stressful on your dogs. Try to make life as comfortable as possible for them by adding a Jeep Dog Bed to the trunk area of your vehicle and stopping for plenty of water, bathroom, and exercise breaks. Please remember to keep your furry friend on a Jeep Dog Leash at any time they’re outside of your vehicle. A Jeep Dog Barrier will help contain your dog/s to the rear area of your vehicle and away from your Jeep’s seats and you to help alleviate distracted driving. Dog Barrier’s will also help protect passengers in the event (god forbid) there is a traffic accident. Barriers are available in a cage version (see link above) or a Soft Barrier Net for the Jeep Wrangler specifically.

4. Have Fun!

If the weather is nice, get that top down/off and enjoy the beautiful weather. See the sights, smells the smells, and enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Don’t be afraid to bring along some great music and sing along. Hope you have a great trip. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Eddie from New Canaan, CT!

April 9, 2013

Eddie was voted (by the people) as winner of our Jeep Photo Contest for 2013 (QTR 1). He wins a Gift Card! If you are interested in entering a photo of your Jeep click here. Congrats to Eddie & thank you for all of your entries!


Eddie from New Canaan, CT – “I love to personalize my jeep and find its limits. This picture was taken during CT’s recent snowstorm. I was flexing on snowbanks till practically vertical and climbing through snow piles as tall as my lights and grille. It was amazing and of course, I never got stuck.”

New Product Alert! The Trek Light Go Anywhere Hammock.

August 10, 2012

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

-Ferris Bueller c.1986

So Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was on TV last night (again) and of course I had to watch it (again). It was hilarious as usual, but when we got to the part with the famous quote listed above, I came to a certain realization.  How is it Mid-August already? I’d better slow this Summer down in a hurry!


That’s where our newest and one of the most fun products we’ve ever carried comes in; The Trek Light Go Anywhere Hammock . Sharing the same love of the outdoors and go anywhere spirit as Jeep, this awesome and affordable hammock is a great way to squeeze a little more fun out of your time in the wilderness and will help you slow life down just a little bit.

Measuring at a HUGE 6’5″ wide and holding up to 400lbs., the Trek Light Double Hammock (combined with the Go Anywhere Rope Kit) easily ties up between two Jeeps, between your Jeep’s Rollbar and a nearby tree, or even between two trees at your campsite. The entire system compress into an included carrying pouch and weighs in at a super light 20 ounces, so there is no need to worry about it taking up too much space in your Jeep or backpack. It also makes a great gift for the Jeeper, Hiker, Hunter or Outdoorsman in your life!


Interesting choice of campsites, fellas…

3rd Annual Adirondack Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show 8.12.12

May 8, 2012


Mark your calenders! On August 12th 2012, our friends from Adirondack Jeeps and Saratoga Chrysler Jeep Dodge will be putting on their 3rd annual All-Breeds Jeep Show from 9am to 1pm. If you’re a Jeeper or lover of Jeeps in Upstate NY, Vermont, or Western Mass, make it a point to get to this one. It’s a fun, family friendly event with trail rides, all kinds of awesome Jeeps, an RTI ramp, a raffle with some incredible Jeep prizes (including some cool stuff from us), food and fun. This isn’t just a fun event, but proceeds will benefit The Sugar Free Gang and The Wait House which are great causes and help young people in our area immensely. Hope to see you all there!

If you would like us to mention your up-coming Jeep Event please email me at

Sportz Jeep Tent by Napier

April 13, 2012

“As the warmer months quickly approach we are all eager to get outside and experience the great outdoors without all of our winter gear.  Whether you like the open air or the open road, the Sportz tent line by Napier Enterprises presents the most unique way to create spontaneous adventure.



These versatile camping tents are revolutionizing the camping industry and you can be sure that high and dry takes on a whole new meaning when you’re enjoying a restful sleep in the outdoors.  So what makes the Sportz tents so unique in the marketplace?  First, there is a tent to fit most vehicles that fit into the categories truck, SUV, CUV, minivan or hatchback. With patented features like the sewn in floor, these tents keep you the most protected of any vehicle tent on the market.  Field-testing with the product shows excellent water resistance and no bugs in the tent… a priority for me!


Other patented features include the removable vehicle sleeve from the models that fit SUV,CUV, minivan and hatchback vehicles.  This is significant because it transforms your vehicle tent into a ground tent in seconds.  The sleeve entirely removes from the tent with one zip and leaves you with a spacious, fully functional ground tent.  By having the vehicle sleeve remove, you avoid unnecessary wear on the vehicle tents and ensure a longer lasting, more versatile tool to keep in your adventure arsenal.



These tents are easy to install and make a great home away from home.  With a set-up time under ten minutes, and detailed design that lends to great usability in the features, it is a natural choice for your next camping tent.  Consider the benefits of sleeping off the ground, the ability to use your vehicle for more than just driving, the savings in booking motels, hotels, or fuelling up RVs.  You truly do get the best of both worlds in this tent.

Sportz by Napier is truly designed for the great outdoors.  As you consider what the next three seasons have in store for you, don’t forget about these excellent tents!”

Thank you to Helen from Napier for the guest post! Get your Jeep Tent today and ‘get out there and have fun!’ – JW

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