Jeep Wrangler Replacement Windows

March 27, 2014

About 10-12 years ago my cousin packed up his Jeep Wrangler and moved from the country to the “big” city of Boston, MA. Within a couple of weeks, some hooligans in downtown Beantown had sliced open one of his soft top windows and stolen his GPS, satellite radio (keep in mind this was back when they were all separate units), and his cell phone which he had naively left out in plain view on the front seat. They also removed his spare tire and wheel from his Wrangler and taken off with that too. When he woke up the next morning he was rightfully upset, even though someone had been nice enough to leave him a handwritten note telling him they could get him a new spare if he wanted one. Wicked awesome.

Why am I telling you this story? Well for starters, don’t be dumb like my cousin. Two, this happens a lot. People may slice your soft top windows, they may get destroyed on a trail, or wear out over time. I even spoke to someone recently who just left hers open for the Winter, it froze, and cracked.  Here’s the kicker, you walk into a dealer and ask for one single window? That’ll be (at least) $300 for a new one. At JeepWorld, we can offer a couple of options that make a little more economic sense. A lot of dealers won’t offer you this, but Mopar makes a kit that includes 3 Jeep Wrangler replacement soft top windows for about the same price as the single window would cost you. Each kit includes both rear quarter windows and a rear window made to color match your factory soft top. Another great option that works out to be a deal is replacing the entire soft top fabric with a replacement soft top fabric kit by Rugged Ridge. For just a little more than the price of a single window, you get an entire soft top fabric replacement that installs over existing soft top factory frame. (See instructions: ).

What about that spare tire problem? That was an easy one that could have been prevented with a set of Jeep Wrangler Wheel Locks. A single locking lugnut and a little common sense will save you a lot of headaches. Here’s hoping my cousin is a little more street smart these days.


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