Sportz Jeep Tent by Napier

April 13, 2012

“As the warmer months quickly approach we are all eager to get outside and experience the great outdoors without all of our winter gear.  Whether you like the open air or the open road, the Sportz tent line by Napier Enterprises presents the most unique way to create spontaneous adventure.



These versatile camping tents are revolutionizing the camping industry and you can be sure that high and dry takes on a whole new meaning when you’re enjoying a restful sleep in the outdoors.  So what makes the Sportz tents so unique in the marketplace?  First, there is a tent to fit most vehicles that fit into the categories truck, SUV, CUV, minivan or hatchback. With patented features like the sewn in floor, these tents keep you the most protected of any vehicle tent on the market.  Field-testing with the product shows excellent water resistance and no bugs in the tent… a priority for me!


Other patented features include the removable vehicle sleeve from the models that fit SUV,CUV, minivan and hatchback vehicles.  This is significant because it transforms your vehicle tent into a ground tent in seconds.  The sleeve entirely removes from the tent with one zip and leaves you with a spacious, fully functional ground tent.  By having the vehicle sleeve remove, you avoid unnecessary wear on the vehicle tents and ensure a longer lasting, more versatile tool to keep in your adventure arsenal.



These tents are easy to install and make a great home away from home.  With a set-up time under ten minutes, and detailed design that lends to great usability in the features, it is a natural choice for your next camping tent.  Consider the benefits of sleeping off the ground, the ability to use your vehicle for more than just driving, the savings in booking motels, hotels, or fuelling up RVs.  You truly do get the best of both worlds in this tent.

Sportz by Napier is truly designed for the great outdoors.  As you consider what the next three seasons have in store for you, don’t forget about these excellent tents!”

Thank you to Helen from Napier for the guest post! Get your Jeep Tent today and ‘get out there and have fun!’ – JW


Jeep Wrangler “Dragon” Concept Vehicle for the 2012 Beijing Auto Show

April 10, 2012

As Chrysler makes it’s best push to the far reaches of the globe, the Detroit Auto Makers have pulled out all the punches on a Jeep Wrangler Concept based on “the year of the dragon” for the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.  According to Edmunds Inside Line, Chrysler has released teaser images, but “with scant details.” Chrysler seems to be taking the primed to explode Chinese Market VERY seriously.


I would love to get some more information on those headlights, they seem to be grabbing a lot of peoples attention. Click HERE for article and more pics.

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