Featured Jeep: 2005 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Willys Edition

February 27, 2009

From Tod in Zeeland, MI:

My 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Willys edition at Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan.


Chinese Automakers to Buy Chrysler & GM?

February 24, 2009

This one shocked even me this morning:

“Chinese carmakers SAIC and Dongfeng have plans to acquire GM and Chrysler, China’s 21st Century Business Herald reports. LINK A National Enquirer the paper is not. It is one of China’s leading business newspapers, with a daily readership over three million]. This newspaper cites a senior official of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology– the state regulator of China’s auto industry– who dropped the hint that “the auto manufacturing giants in China, such as Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, have the capability and intention to buy some assets of the two crisis-plagued American automakers.” These hints are very often followed with quick action in the Middle Kingdom. The hints were dropped just a few days after the same Chinese government gave its auto makers the go-ahead to invest abroad. And why would they do that?

Full Article Here from The Canadian National

Jeep to make a mini off-roader?

February 24, 2009

After analyzing Chrysler’s viability plan, Car & Driver was able to extract a few juicey Jeep tidbits.  We now know of the plans for the 2010 Grand Cherokee, but they are now also speculating on a mini Jeep off-road vehicle.

“A-segment Jeep: This one is a bit of a surprise, but we believe Chrysler will make a mini off-roader based on the four-wheel-drive Fiat Panda Cross sold in Europe. Jeep fans should expect to see this little guy in 2011.”

There is currently no official word on this from Chrysler, so as for now we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Read the full article from Car & Driver here.

Fiat Panda Cross

Fiat Panda Cross

The “Bail Out Chrysler” Video Game

February 23, 2009

Those part-time jokesters & full-time writers of the self-proclaimed “Best Free Digital Car Magazine”, otherwise know as Imotor, have posted the sure to be controversial “Bail Out Chrysler” video game.  Players must “prevent Chrysler going bust” as they play the game by collecting “money as you drive.  See how long you can keep the firm afloat.”  Players can pick from many Chrysler models, including our favorite, the Jeep Willys.

Click here to play the game.

Opinion Columnist Cal Thomas on Chrysler, “Let them die a slow death”

February 23, 2009

Ford is fending for itself without a bailout from Washington, but GM and Chrysler have filed their restructuring proposals with the government in order to receive additional billions to keep them solvent. On Tuesday, GM received the final $4 billion on a $13.4 billion federal commitment. Chrysler, also getting $4 billion, has requested an additional $3 billion. The money is conditioned on GM and Chrysler coming up with comprehensive restructuring plans that will prove to the government that they have made “aggressive” progress since they pleaded with lawmakers last December for financial aid. Members of Congress told the company CEOs that everyone had to make sacrifices, including management, unions, suppliers, investors and bondholders.

Here’s a better idea: Let them die a slow death, with the emphasis on slow. Tell workers (management always seems to land on its feet) that they have a fixed amount of time to look for new jobs. Government will help them with training and education, but government cannot prop up companies that no longer make products people want to buy in large enough numbers for them to remain profitable.

There are many reasons the car companies are in trouble, all of which have been reported in the major media, but that is the past and it is way too late in the game to do much about guaranteed pensions and health care that ended up crippling GM, even after the company successfully negotiated with United Auto Workers members to decrease retirement benefits – which, honestly, is a little like quitting smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

To read the rest of this opinion piece, click on this link to the Baltimore Sun.

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

February 19, 2009

A while back, Leftlanenews.com brought us the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Spy pics, now Car & Driver has the inside track on the new 2010 Grand Cherokee reveal:

If the rendering is to be believed, the next Grand Cherokee will sport a flatter face with Jeep’s seven-slat grille gaining wider chrome bars. The headlight clusters shrink to create a look that’s much more modern and aggressive than the old quad bug-eye design. The lower intake moves to the bottom of the smoother front fascia, further reducing the visual chunkiness of its predecessor. The squared-off fender flares of the old GC become more subtle, and smaller door handles add to a sleeker overall shape. The glass portion of the rear liftgate appears to be more upright.

The Jeep looks as if it will carry its newfound exterior refinement to the inside. A simple-looking gauge cluster and center stack will greet the driver. Wrap-around wood trim lines the dash and doors, and we expect higher-quality and softer materials to be found throughout the cabin. Given the three-row Commander’s impending demise, we wouldn’t be shocked if the new Cherokee were to grow to allow for an optional third row of seats.

For the full article click here.

Featured Jeep: 1992 Wrangler (YJ)

February 19, 2009

From Jorge in Heredia, Costa Rica:

I just love my Jeep and the places it has taken me! This is my Jeep at the mountains of Costa Rica!! As we say here my Jeep is Pura Vida!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.   Square headlights + the patented seven slot grill = Pura Vida! -JW

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